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The August Difference

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At August we are dedicated to understanding our customers needs and the needs of your customers. Our designs represent your property in a way that is pleasing, informative and commercially beneficial to you. We have developed packages that can be applied to your property with minimum fuss, at very competitive prices.

Designed to be aesthetically pleasing to the viewers of our web sites, your customers, the designs also contain vital 'hidden characteristics'. The methods of design and construction make them equally pleasing to search engines. This is the route that people who don't know you, usually take to search for web sites.

We want to make it easy for you to deal with us. We can handle the full design and compilation of your property details. If all you have is couple of snaps and some info on the back of a 'cigarette packet' we can work with you to turn this into a beautifully designed informative web site. We don't stipulate that you send us information in electronic form. We can even visit your property to gather information and take photos etc. Breaking the mould of a 'set number of pages and maximum images' has been a challenge we have relished.

For the more cost conscious our new ground breaking range of Templates are 'feature packed' to a specification not normally associated with templates.

The Internet without the Internet?

Don't have regular direct access to the Internet? - No problem

Message Monitoring - we can arrange to scan your e-mail's and let you know when an enquiry has arrived.

SMS and Fax delivery of your messages* - we can ensure that any e-mail's are sent automatically to your fax or via SMS to your mobile - very useful for those on the move.

Booking Service* - For those who are unable to take enquiries. You can advertise with our contact details, we can take bookings for you and administer you payment collections/ rental instructions. Now how easy is that?

A 'can do' attitude!

With a mixture of exciting new designs, technological features and great Customer service, August can really bring your property to life on the web.

Like others, we wouldn't survive without the warm recommendations that existing Customers pass our way.

As a grateful gesture we will issue a £10 gift voucher for all successful template recommendations. (Payment upon successful completion of site).

If you prefer we will make an equivalent donation to the charity of your choice.

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