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Pulling on our experience from bespoke property sites we have developed a 2 tier template range to meet Customer requests.


The basic version the 'lite' package is designed to meet the requirements of most properties. The template looks, works and feels very professional.

Although lite by name there has been no compromise on the basic fundamentals of a holiday property site. The package allows for:

- Full property description (inside and out)
- Location and area information
- Contact and booking details
- Photo gallery
- Dynamic availability calendar

To view a sample please click on the link on the right.

or Fully Loaded?

An expanded version of the Lite package the 'Loaded' version comes with extra features to enhance your online image. The extra features include:

- Real time weather conditions

This feature is worth the extra money alone! Research has shown that visitors are 5 times more likely to return, and keep returning to your site - just to view the weather. More visitors means more potential bookings!

Other features include:

- Expanded photo gallery

Up to 12 photos (only 6 possible with the lite version)

- Graphical floor plan

The use of a graphical floor plan to accompany your property description helps potential customers understand your property with perfect clarity. On a site like this the more information you can give, the more influential you are in helping customers choose your property.

- On line booking form

The light version provides contact details and e-mail links for customers to make enquiries. The loaded version has a complete 'intelligent booking form' which allows customers to send you their full requirements in one easy form.

Unbelievable Value!

We believe the lite template is super value, yet for only £70 more the loaded template is just fantastic. What's more the prices are one off purchases - not annual rent! For details of annual hosting fees please view our prices page. Under normal circumstances and content permitting, we can have your site online within 1 week.

To book your template use our simple booking form or call us now on 01332 280558.

To view samples please click on one of the colour options below:

Lite - £229 inc. VAT

Loaded - £299 inc. VAT

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Included as standard in both the lite and loaded versions are:

Your own .co.uk name e.g:


up to 15 e-mail addresses

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Your own private & secure admin. section to update your site content, bookings and special offers

1 Years hosting

Professionally presented photo galleries

Updateable booking & availability calendar

Local area info and map locations








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